client journey

Contactless Mode

If you're opting for a contactless sales approach, you can preserve the human touch with OnBoard.

Our social distancing-approved practices include SMS, email, and QR code confirmations to avoid passing devices back and forth, and a newly-minted call centre for remote sales initiatives. Clients can express their consent to authorize their payment using our audio confirmation feature to further enhance the touchless experience.

Payments & Integrations

OnBoard also has the ability to instantly validate customers' banking and account information for faster, more secure sales.

Is the routing number correct? Is the account in good standing? Does the account exist? Are there sufficient funds? Increase your transaction success rate at point of sale instead of waiting three to five days, only to find out an account has bounced.

Call Center

In a face-to-face sales environment, a different way to use calling to your advantage is live referrals

Once an agent completes a transaction, they can ask the buyer for a referral to a friend, family member, or colleague, then conduct the sales call on the spot. This approach creates an environment of trust and legitimacy that significantly increases the likelihood of conversion.